Sunday, December 26, 2010

Micca Slim-HD: 1080p In Your Pocket

Last year, Micca released a hard drive based portable media drive called the Slim HDD Digital Media Player (imaginative, I know). Based around a standard 2.5” notebook hard drive, the Slim DMP could handle a wide range of containers and formats and had a 720p HDMI output. At $59 sans drive (now down to $49), it represented a solid value and even without too many premium features, it was a very functional media player at its core. Now we’ve got Micca’s followup device, the Slim-HD Portable 1080p Full-HD Digital Media Player (for the rest of the review, I think I’ll stick to calling it the Slim-HD just for sanity’s sake).

The Slim-HD basically takes the Slim and adds 1080p playback capability, along with support for more video and audio codecs, notably FLAC and DTS. The price is now $79 without drive, and includes a remote, the composite A/V cable, USB cable, and AC adapter. Beyond playing videos, music, and pictures, the Slim-HD doesn’t do a whole lot - no fancy Netlfix playback or internet streaming here like on the WD TV Live Hub we looked at recently. It’s an honest to god media player in the simplest form - just plug it into your TV, navigate to the file you want, and away you go.

As with the original Slim, Micca is aiming for the entry to mid-level market, with a focus on the compact form factor, ease of use, and the ability to use it as a portable USB drive. They don’t intend it to be a high end product, but instead as a portable media drive that can play 1080p content. Does it live up to the goals set for it, or does it fall short of the more fully featured competition?

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