Thursday, November 25, 2010

Back Up Data with this Glorious Delorean HDD

Tacky, novelty gadgets are something of a guilty pleasure for us, and tacky, novelty gadgets based on films from days gone by hold an even dearer, more secret place in our hearts. Our latest love is this Delorean HDD.
This is a 1:18 scale replica of the time machine that captured our hearts in the '80s. Bonus: it's also a fully functioning 500GB hard drive (I'll refrain from making any data back-up time travel jokes but you know you're thinking the same things I am).
The $250 that Flash Rods is asking for the device is a little steep, but the company claims four years of engineering went into making this stainless steel device a reality. When you're that dedicated to making a Delorean HDD happen, you can charge whatever you want.
Complete with moon discs, functional gull wing doors and a hood that opens, you'd be forgiven for forgetting to ask about the HDD inside. All we know is that it's a 500GB Seagate. Let's be honest though, you're not in this for the hard drive, are you?

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